What Are The Yobs?

Live improvisational explorations with minimal editing might best describe the recordings of this cast of musicians. They spring unbidden from our collective think-meat. All mutually written. The human-instrument interface running loose on instinct. Most start with a bass groove, and build from there. Musical evolution, while you wait. It won’t be long. Musical encounters may contain meandering soundscapes. Great background music for your social simulator! Over a thousand to date. No, that is not jokey. See “Jams” for a weeded-down selection, by year. See “Videos” for some psycho-delic fun.

We leave any mistakes, glitches, and production no-no’s in, for the time being, because it really does happen in “one take, one shot” recordings. Tension between instruments is cool. In this group? Nothing faked. No second takes. No effects after the recorded fact. No forethought. No practices. No discussions. No overdubs. No useless meetings. No stooping. No scrubbing. No whips. No charts. No memorization. No awkward silences. Good in, good out. All is as played. Just musicians just having fun, at their own peril. Perfect imperfection. . . Wear one, be one, just do it. . . And all that stuff. . . You get the picture.

Core Players 

Bass: Grant Garner 

Guitar and keys: Rich Thomas

Drums and percussion: Robert C. Lee 

Additional Guests

Keys: Joe Padilla

Guitar and keys: Daniel Axelrod

Guitar: Ari Munoz

Bass: Jim Howell

Percussion: Brian Wiggins

Keys: Jason Wiggins

Keys: Greg Johnson

Vocals: Jarrett Barboa

Recording and Production

Robert C. Lee and the Yobs

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